SAI processes a miracle of nature: sea salt.

The waters of the Adriatic Sea are withdrawn by powerful water-scooping machines and flowed, first into the evaporating basins and then into the salting basins, where under the natural rays of the sun combined with the action of the wind they slowly evaporate and reach a temperature and salt saturation degree wich gradually rises until sodium chloride is deposited between 25,5° and 30° Baumé (salt concentration - saturation index).

The remaining water is removed and sea salt is harvested from the bottom of the salting basins. On average 27 kg of salt are obtained from 1 cubic meter of sea water. The salt is then gathered in huge heaps that resemble white snow mountains. Later, depending on the uses of the salt, it is washed, centrifuged, dried, ground, screened, enriched with iodine and anti-caking agent and packaged for selling.