Alimentary sea salt dried at 220°C
Uses: Canteens - Bread-making - Cheeses - Salt pork.
Users: Bakeries - Sausage factories - Cheese dairies - Alimentary industries - Alimentary wholesalers - Administrations - Communities.

Alimentary washed sea salt
Uses: Pickle and dry-salting of alimentary products - Water softening.
Users: Canneries - Cheese dairies - Ham factories - Fish industries - Water softening plants - Administrations - Communities.

Sea salt for industrial use
Uses: Salting and tanning of skins - Road deicing - Water softening.
Users: Tanneries - Dye-works - Local Administrations - Road maintenance societies - Municipalities - Hospitals - Farmers’ unions.

Sodium chloride for zootechnical feeding
Uses: Zootechnical feeding.
Users: Fodder factories - Agricultural factories - Farmers’ unions - Retailers of fertilizers and farming products.

Tablet salt for water softening
Uses: Domestic and industrial water softeners. It helps the ionic exchange of the water softeners resins, eliminating limestone from water and increasing the duration of domestic devices and water softening plants.
Users: Restaurants - Hotels - Hospitals - Communities - Swimming - pools - Industries.