Sea salt
Naturally produced by the combined action of the sun, the wind, and the sea, accurately selected and processed with up-to-date technologies, it is a natural ingredient important for feeding that brings useful mineral substances to the human organism and makes our meals pleasant and tasty.

Iodized sea salt
Sea salt gets enriched with iodine in order to prevent and fight iodine deficiency in the organism, that causes for instance thyroid trouble. It helps growth and brain development, and permits the thyroid the normal secretion of hormons.

Whole salt
It is salt partially washed and undried that maintains untouched many oligoelements.
It is particularly appreciated by a public that pays attention to genuinity and quality of food.

Dishwasher salt
Specific sodium chloride, its action is totally purifying on water softeners resins. It avoids the formation of incrustations on the active points of dishwasher. It reinforces the action of detergents increasing their washing and glittering power. It ensures the major longevity of dishwashers and an evident saving of energy.